About the Business

Web2Publishing is a total, web-based solution for all the publishing needs for a company. From integrated workflows and permission-structure to an integrated web-based Editor, users are able to create, maintain and share all published materials online.

Form create Document templates, Letter heads, posters, flyers, printed materials and similar, the whole process can be managed from the Web2Publishing suite.
Web2Publishing integrates with Adobe InDesign and gives a web-based access to the rich tools of Adobe.

The whole project is created in .Net MVC and implemented by Bording Vista.

  • Framework ASP.NET MVC
  • Technology Windows Communication Foundation(WCF), MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, Message Queue (MSMQ), InDesign Server(IDS), jQuery
  • Target platforms All the latest browsers
  • Tested for Internet Explorer 9.0+, Google Chrome 36+, Firefox 10+, Opera 27, Safari(Mac)

To learn more about our experience with customer experiences and apps, please feel free to contact Md. Akber Hossain Khan on mak@bordingvista.com or +880 24895 1418

  • Client Bording Data A/S
  • Date May 6, 2011
  • Tags Entity Framework, InDesign Server(IDS), jQuery, Message Queue (MSMQ), MS SQL Server, Windows Communication Foundation(WCF),
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