ViKING Client

What FTDL Did

We have done and still doing the below things:

- ViKING Client application front end tasks
- Continuous Integration and Build system (Jenkins, Bamboo) implementation
- Automatic build, release and deployment system implementation
- Automatic UI and unit testing
- Manual testing
- Requirements clarifications and discussions and transform into implementations
- Features implementations

About the Business

The ViKING Client is a modern re-implementation of the long-used Client program for the ViKING Point of Sale solution for stores and groups of stores. For many years the ViKING Client program allowed a text-based access for store managers to control all aspects of the ViKING Point of Sale solution and access to all the data.

For the modern age, a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) is required and the new ViKING Client, based on Java and built on the Eclipse RCP RAP platform, in that solution. Using modern best practices and building on established frameworks, the development team is continuing to provide new, easy access to data and provide new functionality to store managers, who rely on the ViKING Point of Sale solution.

  • Framework SWT, JFace, Eclipse RCP RAP, KDS, VNC, Terminal, Graphiti, EMF, GEF etc
  • Technology Eclipse, Java, SWT, JFace, Eclipse RCP RAP, Graphiti, GEF, EMF, VNC, FTP/SFTP, SSH, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, SWTBot, Jacoco etc
  • Target platforms Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Tested for Windows 7,8,10 and 2008 Server, Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, macOS

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  • Client Bording Data A/S
  • Date December 22, 2013
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