Postcard iOS App

What FTDL Did

Client side implementation of Biografklub Danmark Android application
Requirements analysis
Design analysis and suggestion
How to test guide to test some features testing
API analysis, test and synchronization
Server side implementation
Generate PDF
And so on

About the Business

The Postcard app allows user to create virtual postcards of their private photos, specify a number of receives and send them via the postal service.
Virtual postcards are creating in the App and delivered to a web backend. From here, the virtual postcard is delivered to a printing supplier, printed and delivered to the addresses using the normal postal service.
The end result, is an app allowing users to create postcards of any background and deliver much faster to friends and family!

The App also allows users to import from Facebook and Instagram as well as apply frames. Frames can be added later on the backend and downloaded by users.
Users can purchase additional postcards from within the App and an invoice is emailed or they can scan coupons.

  • Framework iOS
  • Technology iOS, Objective-C, JSON, AFNetworking, CoreData, Server side implementation, generate PDF, Facebook, Instragram integration, (backend - ASP.NET MVC, WCF)
  • Target platforms iOS
  • Tested for iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus, iPhone 7

To learn more about our experience with customer experiences and apps, please feel free to contact Md. Akber Hossain Khan on or +880 24895 1418

  • Date December 22, 2013
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