InStore App

What FTDL Did

Requirement Analysis
Designing & Developing the GUI & Core Native app from established specifications
Consuming REST APIs
And So on

About the Business

The Android InStore App is a tool for store-owners using the Viking system. The InStore App automates a range of daily activities and gives direct access to real-time data as well as offline support.
From getting department turnover data, printing labels, price lookup, reporting status to reporting breakage, this tool simplifies the daily work; whether you are in the store or at home.
The App directly communicates with Webservices in the Viking Server to download latest data and make enquiries.

  • Framework Android
  • Technology Android, Java, REST API Consumption, Local Database, Barcode Scanner, Sync Adapter, Git, Fabric, Espresso
  • Target platforms Android, Motorola TC40, TC55, TC70
  • Tested for Motorola TC40, TC55, TC70

To learn more about our experience with customer experiences and apps, please feel free to contact Md. Akber Hossain Khan on or +880 24895 1418

  • Client Bording Data
  • Date December 22, 2013