What FTDL Did

Registration System for:
- Best for food lovers Preschool
- Best Food enjoyment School
- Best Senior for food lovers

About the Business

Since 2000, Arla Golden Cow existed to encourage and show appreciation for the ambitious kitchen and operations. And above all, inspire others by highlighting good examples. In the fall, we want your help to find them! Everyone can participate and compete in the Arla Golden Cow, Encourage your workplace, your children’s nursery, school or your relatives’ homes for the elderly to participate.

  • Framework .NET Framework
  • Technology ASP.NET MVC5, MS SQL Server, jQuery, Entity Framework, Bootstrap
  • Target platforms All the latest browsers
  • Tested for Internet Explorer 9.0+, Google Chrome 36+, Firefox 10+

To learn more about our experience with customer experiences and apps, please feel free to contact Md. Akber Hossain Khan on or +880 24895 1418

  • Client ARLA
  • Date September 29, 2016